A new patent for Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd.

A new patent for Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd., drafted and prosecuted by our office, will shortly issue in the U.S.  The patent has already issued in India as patent no. 387,425.  Here is a link to the U.S. patent application.

The patent, titled “modular water purification system”, covers the unique technology of Ayala for water purification, “NBS”, which can be installed simply and quickly, requires no maintenance and consumes no energy. It thus provides a solution for many locations (for example rural settlements in developing countries) without requiring complicated earthworks or skilled personnel.

The NBS system includes containers which create a cascaded sequence of containers, “pools”, with minerals and active surfaces.  In each pool there are natural aquatic plants and microorganism communities, which have excellent capacity for digesting pollutants.  To achieve maximal efficiency in minimal area, the pools are deployed in a row at different heights to enable gravitational flow from one pool to the next. 

The result is outstanding: once deployed, this chain of pools receives at its inlet wastewater, and produces at its outlet a continuous supply of purified water – ready to be used.

Being nature based – The NBS solution breaks the nexus between water management and energy demand and marks a revolutionary change in the approach to the uprising global environmental issues. 

Being patent issued – this technology is now well protected.

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