How Will AI Change the Way Patent Attorneys Work? By Daniel Kligler

Many articles have been written about the interplay between AI and patents, for example – There is another question that has gotten less attention: When will you be able to get ChatGPT to write your patent application for you instead of having to work with a patent attorney?  When that happens, will patent attorneys find […]

Belkin Vision European Patent Confirmed as Novel and Inventive

A patent for our client BELKIN Vision Ltd., drafted and prosecuted by our office, was issued in the European Union, then unsuccessfully attacked by one of the company’s competitors. Here is a link to the European patent. BELKIN Vision was founded by Prof. Michael Belkin and Daria Lemann Blumenthal, CEO, to answer a vital need […]

A new patent for Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd.

A new patent for Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd., drafted and prosecuted by our office, will shortly issue in the U.S.  The patent has already issued in India as patent no. 387,425.  Here is a link to the U.S. patent application. The patent, titled “modular water purification system”, covers the unique technology of Ayala for […]


One of the greatest pleasures of being a patent attorney in private practice, as well as one of the hardest challenges, is the constant exposure to new technologies.  Every month, and sometimes every week, we need to take a deep dive into a technical area that is new to us and learn it well enough […]

A GUIDE FOR PATENT MARKING, by Jerome Smith, Patent Attorney, Kligler & Associates

Introduction Our clients often ask us about the meaning and need for marking their products with their patent numbers.  The answer is simple (although implementation may sometimes be complicated):  Under U.S. law, patent infringers are liable to pay damages only from the date on which they received notice of the patent that their product infringes.  […]

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