The go-to firm for Deep Tech IP protection

Since opening our doors in 2008, Kligler & Associates has stood out as the go-to firm for Deep Tech IP protection and that’s due to our team of technologists and attorneys.

Working as a patent professional is challenging and requires an unusual set of skills: to rapidly grasp and appreciate unfamiliar technologies, to analyze and understand both the technical, business, and legal aspects of new inventions, and to write about them clearly and coherently.  

We are recruiting professionals for two positions: 

  1. Experienced patent attorneys with Deep Tech skills.
  2. Interns with Deep Tech experience. 

If you have the skills and are hungry for the next challenge, reach out to see if Kligler & Associates is the right fit for you.  We will train you in drafting and prosecution of patent applications, so that you can become a licensed patent attorney on our team. (No law degree is required.)  

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