How Will AI Change the Way Patent Attorneys Work? By Daniel Kligler

Many articles have been written about the interplay between AI and patents, for example – There is another question that has gotten less attention: When will you be able to get ChatGPT to write your patent application for you instead of having to work with a patent attorney?  When that happens, will patent attorneys find […]

Belkin Vision European Patent Confirmed as Novel and Inventive

A patent for our client BELKIN Vision Ltd., drafted and prosecuted by our office, was issued in the European Union, then unsuccessfully attacked by one of the company’s competitors. Here is a link to the European patent. BELKIN Vision was founded by Prof. Michael Belkin and Daria Lemann Blumenthal, CEO, to answer a vital need […]

A new patent for Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd.

A new patent for Ayala Water & Ecology Ltd., drafted and prosecuted by our office, will shortly issue in the U.S.  The patent has already issued in India as patent no. 387,425.  Here is a link to the U.S. patent application. The patent, titled “modular water purification system”, covers the unique technology of Ayala for […]


One of the greatest pleasures of being a patent attorney in private practice, as well as one of the hardest challenges, is the constant exposure to new technologies.  Every month, and sometimes every week, we need to take a deep dive into a technical area that is new to us and learn it well enough […]

A GUIDE FOR PATENT MARKING, by Jerome Smith, Patent Attorney, Kligler & Associates

Introduction Our clients often ask us about the meaning and need for marking their products with their patent numbers.  The answer is simple (although implementation may sometimes be complicated):  Under U.S. law, patent infringers are liable to pay damages only from the date on which they received notice of the patent that their product infringes.  […]

Nadav Wertsman – Kligler & Associates Attorneys talk about their personal journeys

The professional staff at Kligler & Associates came to the firm from a wide range of backgrounds.  For many of us, patent practice is a second career, after having first worked in high-tech industry. In this article, patent attorney Nadav Wertsman, shares experience from his personal journey, and discusses what makes his work special.               […]

Alon Hilu – Kligler & Associates Attorneys talk about their personal journeys

              Prior to joining Kligler & Associates team, our attorneys held various positions across the Israeli tech Industry. Their experience from the front of the industry, forms the basis for the value they bring to our clients. U.S. and Israeli advocate, Alon Hilu, discusses his experience, and describes how it flows into his work at […]

In patent law, everything seems counter-intuitive

When I first studied quantum mechanics as a university student, everything I learned seemed to contradict my intuition.  How could a particle be in two states at the same time?  But after a while I started to understand the beauty of quantum theory, which has been the basis for world-changing technologies.  Today, quantum computers are […]

What to do when your patent application reaches a dead end

We are often asked whether we can save a patent application that has gone through several rounds of amendments and arguments with the patent office examiner, without any light at the end of the tunnel.  In these cases, the client has generally already spent a few years and many thousands of dollars on writing and […]

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